4-H educator introduces activity to youth at the 4-H Amboy Environmental Education Center

Amboy has School Enrichment programs available year round!

Summer pond exploring at Amboy

Amboy has School Enrichment programs available year round!

snowshoeing at Amboy in winter

Amboy has School Enrichment programs available year round!

Field Trips

About the Center

The Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center is a nature preserve and temporary residential camp. The mission of the facility is to promote responsible environmental stewardship by developing a greater understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the natural world and the people’s relationship to it. The Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center is a laboratory where youth and adults can observe nature firsthand, alone or under the guidance of the facility’s environmental educators.

All programs take place outdoors after a brief instructional period and can be adapted to any grade level.

Overnight use of the facility is available for a minimal fee. Visit our Buildings and Grounds page for more information, or contact Linda Brosch at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County, 4-H Youth Development Program, at 315-963-7286 Ext. 400 or at lcr23@cornell.edu.

Programs Available

All programs run 60-90 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Audience: Grades 5-6
Available: Year-round
Animals and plants have special behaviors and physical traits that help them survive in their environment. Students learn what an adaptation is during a brief instructional period. Afterward they will venture into the nature preserve to investigate how local fauna and flora have adapted to their environment.

Animal Tracks and Traces
Audience: Grades K-2
Available: Year-round
Students actively investigate the woods to discover how animal tracks and traces reveal varying habits, physical characteristics, and interactions. Students will search throughout the nature preserve for animal signs.

Aquatic Lifecycle
Audience: Grades K-2
Available: May-October
The water is home to a variety of animals. During an instructional period, students will learn how many aquatic animals have distinct lifecycles. A walk to a nearby waterway will allow the students to carefully discover some of these creatures in their varying life stages.

Audience: Grades K-2
Available: Year-round
Students learn that all animals and plants need homes where their survival needs (food, water, shelter, and space) are provided. After a brief instructional period, the class will go into the woods and search for habitats.

Insectaganza Excitement
Audience: Grades K-8
Available: May-October
This program will introduce students to the insects. Hands-on activities will show the students why these animals are so successful. Insectaganza can be adapted to the appropriate grade level. After indoor portion, the class will go outside to catch insects.

Mammals of Oswego County
Audience: Grades K-6
Available: Year-round
Students learn about the characteristics that all mammals have in common. Through visual aids, they discover the mammals that live around us in Oswego County. Emphasis is on the similarities and differences between the mammals. (Length: 45—60 minutes)

Nature Detectives
Audience: Grades K-6
Available: Year-round
Nature Detectives offers fun and easy indoor and outdoor science activities. It encourages young people to explore while discovering science and their local environment through birds.

Pond or Stream Safari
Audience: Grades 3-4
Available: May-October
Students learn that the freshwater community is diverse in animals and plants. Program participants will explore a pond or stream to discover these animals and plants. Pants and shoes that can get wet and muddy are required.

Snowshoe Treks
Audience: Grades Pre-K and above
Available: When there is snow
After an instructional lesson on how to snowshoe, the history of snowshoes, and types of snowshoes, the environmental educator will lead the group into the woods for a hike. Program participants will be able to observe and search for signs of wildlife during the walk.

Other Programs Offered Upon Request

  • Beaver Natural History
  • Birds of Prey
  • GPS and Compass
  • Great Horned Owl Natural History
  • Spring Woodland Ramble
  • Tree ID
  • Wood Duck Natural History
  • Or ask for one specially designed for your group!


  • $4.00 per person for first program ($40.00 minimum)
  • $5.00 per person for second program ($50.00 minimum)

Teachers and aides are free. Parent chaperones are asked to pay the program cost. Payment can be made on the day of the field trip or with a purchase order. Cash or check only.


Linda Brosch
4-H Team Coordinator
315-963-7286 ext. 400

Last updated February 10, 2022