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Successful Direct Marketing of Farm Products

Engaging in direct-to-consumer marketing, also know as direct marketing or DTC marketing, presents unique opportunities and challenges for local farm and value-added food businesses. While offering the possibility of additional streams of revenue, there is much work involved and certain considerations must be taken into account.

In order to explore the many aspects involved in DTC marketing of farm and food products, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County (CCE Oswego) hosted a free, mixed-format workshop on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Amanda Bickford, Local Foods Marketing Specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County, delivered a presentation explaining key concepts, information, and tips related to direct marketing.

Content covered included general marketing concepts, their importance, and how to use them to market products more successfully, as well as the different ways to market and sell farm and value-added products, such as via on-farm sales, farmers' markets, CSAs, etc. Tips for each method were provided, as was information regarding advertising and creating a marketing plan.


This recording of this workshop can be accessed at


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Last updated July 11, 2022