Solar Eclipse

Find out more about this rare event!


What is a Solar Eclipse?

  • Friday, February 23, 2024, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

By now, almost everyone has heard there is a solar eclipse taking place on April 8th this year. But what exactly is a solar eclipse? How often do they occur? Think of this program as Solar Eclipse 101! Our educator will give participants all the information they need to enjoy this rare event - according to NASA, it will be 20 years before another total solar eclipse. Some of us in upstate/northern New York will be right in the path of totality; the last time New York had a total solar eclipse was in 1925! All participants will have the opportunity to make a box pinhole projector to be able to observe the total solar eclipse in April.


The fee for this program is only $4.00 per person up to $12.00 per family. Children under the age of three are free.



Sarah McCormick
4-H Natural Resources Educator
315-963-7286 ext. 401


Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center
748 State Route 183
Williamstown, New York 13493

Last updated January 10, 2024