Parenting Classes

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County will be implementing several parenting classes in the future... check back frequently for more information!


Current Parenting Classes

Parenting After Seperation and Divorce

"As divorcing or seperating adults, you may be experiencing one of the more stressful and painful times of your life, with many personal changes and adjustments to make. But the breakup of your marriage can be even more stressful and painful for your children." -Judge Judith Kaye

The New York State Parent Education and Awareness Program is designed to educate divorcing or separating parents about the impact of their breakup on their children. The primary goal is to teach parents ways they can reduce the stress of family changes and protect their children from the negative effects of ongoing parental conflict in order to foster and promote their children’s healthy adjustment and development.

Four topics are addressed in the Parenting & Child Well-Being portion of the curriculum:

  1. Creating and Maintaining Supportive Parent-Child Relationships;
  2. Providing a Stable, Supportive Home Environment;
  3. Maintaining Healthy Parental Functioning & Psychological Well-Being; and
  4. Protecting Children from Ongoing Conflict Between Parents.
For more information on this and other programs provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County please contact our office at: 315-963-7286