• 150 Acres of mixed woods and wetlands
  • 3 miles of marked hiking trails also suitable for cross country skiing and snowshoeing
  • Adirondack lean-to
  • Miller Cabin Nature Museum
  • Dormitory and kitchen facilities for 60
  • Wildlife feeding stations
  • Beaver Pond observation deck
  • Wetlands observation deck
  • Don MacVean Memorial Pavilion for 200
  • Handicap accessible trail
Amboy Trail Map
Field Trips/Guided Programs
Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center

Looking for a fun activity where you can enjoy the outdoors? Visit the Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center! We have a number of low-cost programs (to see our schedule click here) and our trails are open during the day for leisure nature walks!

The Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center, located at 748 Rte 183, between Routes 69 and 13, near Williamstown, owned and operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County's 4-H Program, consists of 150 acres of mixed woods, wetlands, and Rowell Brook.
Three miles of hiking trails guide visitors through the ecosystems and are available to the public year round, from dusk until dawn.

Throughout the year, a few of programs are available to the public for a nominal fee.

Upcoming Events:

Bluebirds with Mr. Rogers

The bluebird is America's most beloved songbird and is one of the only birds that depend upon humans for housing. Come learn more about this wonderful bird and even build a nest box when ornithologist John Rogers presents the public program “Bluebirds with Mr. Rogers". The program will take place at Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center on Sunday, April 27, 2014 at
2:00 pm.

Rogers is the co-founder of the New York State Bluebird Society and is responsible for the placement of many thousands of bluebird houses along "bluebird trails" in the state. He will be presenting a slide show about bluebirds, their habits and habitats. Rogers will also be discussing the decline of bluebirds due to competition from "introduced" animal species. Following the slide show and discussion, participants can build bluebird nest boxes from kits provided by Rogers.

Participant numbers will be limited for this popular program so pre-registration is requested by Wednesday, April 23rd. To sign-up, please call (315) 963-7286 ext 401. The program fee for this program is $3.00 per person or $12.00 per family. There is an additional fee of $8.00 per bluebird box. Participants who intend to build a nest box are asked to bring a hammer.


The Amboy 4-H Environmental Center is located on route 183 between routes 13 and 69 near Williamstown. For information about upcoming natural resource education programs at the center or more information about the Oswego County 4-H Program contact Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Oswego County at 315-963-7286 or at www.thatscooperativeextension.org.
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County provides equal program and employment opportunities. Please contact the office if you have any special needs.




  • From Syracuse: Take Rt. 81 North to Parish, exit 33, for Rt. 69. Follow instructions "From Parish"
  • From Parish: Take Rt. 69 East for 9 miles into Amboy Center. Turn left onto Rt. 183 for 4 miles. The entrance is on the right
  • From Pulaski: Take Rt. 13 Southeast into Williamstown. Turn right onto Rt 183 for 1 mile. The entrance is on the left
  • From Camden: Take Rt. 13 Northwest to Williamstown. Turn left onto Rt. 183 for 1 mile. The entrance is on the left.
  • From Oswego: Take Rt. 104 East to its end at Rt. 13. Turn right onto Rt. 13. Follow instruction "From Pulaski."
Facility Rental

Buildings and Grounds:

Evergreen Lodge: Provides dormitory and restroom facilities. Up to 60 people can sleep in the lodge and the restroom facilities include shower stalls.

Dunn Lodge: Main meeting and kitchen facility. Kitchen contains two refrigerators, stove, microwave, pots and pans, plates, glasses, and utensils. Blackboard, tables, and chairs are also a part of the lodge.

Don MacVean Pavilion: Seats up to 200 people

Paul and Theresa Schoeck Education Building: Open during public programs.

Dunn and Evergreen Lodges each have telephone (for emergency use only)
electricity, running water, and a woodstove.
Both facilities are wheelchair accessible.

User Fees:
Rental Fees:  
  • Day use: $5.00/person/day ( Min. fee $50.00)
  • Overnight: $8.00/person/day (Min. fee $130.00 )

Oswego County 4-H Clubs: Field Trip Fee:
  • $15.00/night/club
  • $2.00/person or $25.00 minimum
Guided Nature Programs/Field Trips
For more information please contact our offices at: 315-963-7286 or download brochure