By adding value to milk,
the process of cheese making became a reality on October 28, 29 and 30th at the Amboy 4-H Environmental Center in Williamstown, NY. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County sponsored the 3-day workshop instructed by Peter Dixon of Dairy Foods Consulting, Westminister West, Vermont.

The class quickly filled to capacity for this hands-on workshop. Participants were taught about milk quality, ingredients used in cheese making, processes for making a variety of cheese, techniques and requirements for aging cheese, and how to establish a business as a farmstead or artisan cheese maker.
The class eagerly made several different types of cheese, such as, ricotta, fresh lactic cheese (both goat and cow), mozzarella, gouda, tomme, and an alpine style cheese. Participants each had the opportunity to flavor the lactic cheese to suit their own desire with ingredients such as jams, honey, herbs, spices, etc. Stretching mozzarella cheese was another hands-on opportunity not to be forgotten.

Peter Dixon was received with enthusiasm. His teaching style and comfortable mannerism further added to the success of the workshop. The class participants were so pleased with the workshop they requested a follow-up meeting in the spring to learn about the cheese making accomplishments and progress of class members.

The overwhelming consensus of the participants was this was an excellent workshop.
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