On this page you will find information on various Scholarships and Award programs being offered by 4-H
Farm Bureau ScholarshipGarden AwardGolden TrowelI Dare You Award

Description of Project Pins & Award Trips - pdf. --- 4-H Award Application - Word doc.

Garden Award Criteria

Present a public presentation at County level on a horticulture subject:

  • Blue Ribbon - 10pt.
  • Red Ribbon - 8pt.
  • White Ribbon - 5pt

Turn in a Garden Map, vegetable, flower, or container by June 1st: 10pt

Evaluation of Garden Maps:

  • Excellent+ - 10pts. • Excellent - 12ptsVery Good - 6pts.Good - 8pts.Fair - 6pts.Poor - 2pts.

Have your garden toured and judged by a Master Gardner: You must have the garden map that you turned into the office for evaluation at this time!

  • Excellent+ - 15pts. • Excellent - 12pts. • Very Good - 10pts.Good - 8pts.Fair - 6pts. • Poor - 2pts.

County Fair Horticulture entries for each item:

  • Blue Ribbon - 16pts.
  • Red Ribbon - 8pts.
  • White Ribbon - 2pts.

State Fair Horticulture entries for each item:

  • Blue Ribbon - 40pts.
  • Red Ribbon - 20pts.
  • White Ribbon - 2pts.
Go on a garden tour scheduled by the 4-H office: 20 pts.


  • 10pts. - 75 pts = garden certificate
  • 76pts - 250pts = certificate and 1 packet of vegetable or flower seeds
  • 251pts - 300pts = certificate and free 4" house plant
  • 301pts - 350pts = your choice of hand tools: trowel, cultivator, or week popper
  • 351pts. and up = hand pruner
Golden Trowel Award Requirements

Any 4-H member who is participating in the garden project is eligible for this award. A Golden Trowel plaque with the winner’s name and date of each year will be on display at the 4-H office. This award will be given out at Achievement Night. All of the requirements must be completed in the same 4-H year. The requirements to earn this award are.

  • Turn in a garden and or flower map by June 1st
  • Set up to have your garden toured by the office
  • Attended at least one of three private garden tours scheduled by the office
  • Show at least three horticulture related items at the County Fair (does not include maps) and receive a blue ribbon, on three items
  • Receive a blue ribbon on your garden map
  • Show at least two of the following, a vegetable, a flower, and or a houseplant at State Fair and receive a blue ribbon, on two items
  • Must do a garden public presentation at County level
This award will be judged on a point system, in case of any ties, a plant I.D. runoff will determine the winner.
If you have any questions or need information on a garden related subject for your public presentations. Please call the 4-H office at 963-7286 and ask for Jan Smith.
I Dare You Award

The I Dare You Award is the highest award offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County. This National leadership award has been designed to recognize youth who have demonstrated qualities of leadership, excellence in character, and who have potential for effective future leadership. The award is to encourage young people to lead creative, purposeful lives by developing their own talents and capacities to the utmost.


  1. A high school senior or junior at the time of nomination that has shown above qualitites of leadership and high character and is willing to take on the challenge of life.
  2. At least one project completion for current year.
  3. Must be nominated by a 4-H Leader with a letter stating the 4-H'ers accomplishments in and outside 4-H.

Maximum of two 4-H'ers selected a year.

How do you nominate a 4-H'er:

  • Please write a one page letter stating why or how this young adult fits the criteria for the award

Letter must be typed:

  • Times New Roman, 12 font at least 1.5 spacing between lines.

The Awards Committee will use this letter along with the youth's permanent record to make their decision.



The Farm Bureau Agricultural Youth Scholarship

Deadline: November
Application must be typed
Applicants must be high school seniors

If you would like to apply for this scholarship or need more information, please contact the 4-H Office at 963-7286.